• Welcome to the world of being PAID TO TRAVEL!

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    Accommodations Recommendations for Our Soul Excursions*

    You're in! You are officially a member of the most transformational travel club in the world and the only company that provides the opportunity for you to be paid to travel.

    A message from a founder of Soul Excursions on being paid to travel for over 17 years and leading the most transformational experiences for her clients all over the world.

    A Message For You From Rev. Valerie Love with your next steps:

    Open Your MetaMask Wallet

    Email Us Your Wallet Address

    Your Globe-Trotter Digital Asset is your Golden Key (or Ticket) to ATTEND THE RETREATS and receive the included activities, classes, meditations, community and more that are listed on each retreat page.

    If you choose, you can ADD an UPGRADE! How? By purchasing the V.I.P. Golden Key for each Globe-Trotter Golden Key you own. Owning the V.I.P. Golden Key unlocks additional experiences and upgrades while on the trips with us. These upgrades are for V.I.P. attendees ONLY.

    (Speak to your Travel Navigator about upgrading with the V.I.P. Golden Key.)



    P.S. - STAY FOCUSED WHILE ON THIS PAGE. Don't be tempted to watch other YouTube vids! STAY ON THIS PAGE UNTIL COMPLETED or come back to it over and over until you've completed the ENTIRE PAGE. (You'll be glad you did when you start receiving payments from your attendees who pay you to travel.)

    No Guarantees

    This is a reminder that we cannot do the work for you. YOU will be given the training, support, community, encouragement and inspiration to take the steps to MAKE MONEY with your digital assets. As with all endeavors, if you don't take the action steps provided, you won't have the results.

    MAKE A COMMITMENT and SET YOUR INTENTION now on how much money you desire to make in 2023 with your digital assets. Then DECIDE that you'll follow through with the ACTION to make your travel dreams come true and help others make their travel dreams come true too! It's a WIN-WIN!

    Who You Can & Cannot Rent To - "Find Your Five"

    Remember: when you rent your digital assets to others, be sure they are NOT associated with this community, The Magick of Love, or any of the brands associated with this community, including:

    www.ValerieLove.com and all associated platforms and programs

    Soul Excurions and all associated platforms and programs

    Christian Witches and all associated platforms and programs

    You are seeking NEW people who are NOT currently associated with the community.

    This is critical to maintain order and integrity. You are now a member of the club and an owner. We ask all owners to hold a HIGH STANDARD of EXCELLENCE for Soul Excursions and all our trips. Thank you!

    Bring Five People On Each Retreat With Us - They Pay YOU

    More detail about the five people you'll bring with you, and what to charge them. Remember, you OWN the digital assets and can do with them anything you like. You can charge what you like for the retreat you'll bringing people on. You can follow the pricing that's on the website for each trip (which gives your people all the activities listed). If you desire to offer EVEN MORE, such as accommodations, more classes with you, more experiences, you can charge more. Be sure of one thing: UNDER-PROMISE and OVER-DELIVER. Make sure your people are over the moon elated at the retreat and that they perceive that they received more than the value they paid for. Keep this in mind: people don't care what they paid. They care that they get what they paid for. Make sure your people get MORE THAN THEY PAID FOR when you bring them on a Soul Excursion if you choose to charge higher prices than what's listed on the website.

    How to Find Your Five

    People flock to people who SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS and PROVIDE PAINKILLERS. If you add VALUE to people's lives, you can connect with MANY people.

    On Soul Excursions, the transformation our attendees experience is RADICAL, RAPID and PERMANENT. You are now a retreat leader, or someone who brings people along with you to glorious global destinations.

    Put 'feelers' out in your communities to find out who wants to travel. Where have they been? What are their dream destinations? When do they see themselves reaching their travel goals?

    How to Make Money With Your Golden Keys

    A step by step guide to making money with your Golden Keys in 2023 and beyond is below for you in detail. Let's go out and find amazing travel companions!

  • A Brief Reminder of Your Income Potential With Soul Excursions

    All figures are for illustration purposes only and are not meant to imply a guarantee of any income.

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    One Year Travel Comparison

    This comparison shows the difference between travel with Soul Excursions and travel with other travel companies (who are all great in their own right). Soul Excursions is the ONLY travel company to utilize NFT technology to facilitate our owners being positioned to be paid to travel the world with us.
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    Income Comparison for Owners of Multiple Golden Keys

    This chart illustrates how much can be made by renting your Golden Keys to others you know who would like to travel the world with us. While no income is guaranteed, and we do not yet know how many people will earn this income, this is what's possible for you when you apply what we teach and garner your own audience and attendees. Note: your attendees pay you directly for the trips they go by renting your Golden Keys.
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    Soul Excursions does not guarantee income. Income is EARNED, not awarded. For anyone who has an audience and/or clients, this may be a great opportunity. For those who are not influential with others, this may not be a great opportunity.
    Only you can decide for yourself if this is right for you.
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    Soul Excursions is transformational travel. We catalyze transformation for our attendees through a number of means, methodologies and healing protocols. We utilize a holistic approach to transform and heal past hurts, wounds and traumas on deep levels. We eat, cry, praise, laugh, dance, have amazing food and amazing experiences in amazing destinations!
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    If after reviewing these numbers you realize you desire to own more NFT assets, book a call with a Travel Navigator to discuss your options and position yourself for maximum profitability (IF you follow the steps, remember: there are NO GUARANTEES). 
  • 8 Steps to Be Paid to Travel the World on Glorious Soul Excurions

    A step by step guide to making money with your Golden Keys in 2023 and beyond:

    Step 1 - Mindset

    The first step is to fix in your mind that you are now a retreat leader, or a transformation agent who helps others transform by leading them on glorious, global retreats.

    You may be a coach, or transformation agent who has primarily coached your clients remotely (via Zoom, phone, messaging, etc.) and now you'll be in person with your clients, at incredible global destinations. While you'll still be effecting transformation, it will be done in an entirely new way.

    If you're new to leading retreats, you may love this way of helping others transform, since their change is usually RADICAL, RAPID and PERMANENT.

    If you're an experienced retreat leader, you've partnered with a company that can do all the heavy lifting for you, so you show up to your clients ready to serve.

    If you're someone who's not leading retreats and you're traveling for your own transformation, WONDERFUL!

    Either way, a mindset shift is vital for all levels of transformation, whether you're a coach transforming to serve your clients in person with profound retreat experiences, or you're a retreat leader who's transforming how you lead retreats, or you're an individual transforming yourself.

    Step 2 - Open a MetaMask Wallet & Email Us Your Wallet Address

    You'll require a MetaMask wallet to have your digital assets delivered to you. This is easy. It's simply a wallet to hold your valuables. If you're not sure what MetaMask is, or how to open a wallet, simply do a quick YouTube search and you'll find many videos that can help.

    Once you have your MetaMask wallet, you'll need to copy your wallet address and paste it into an email to travel@soulexcursions.world (DO NOT try to type the letters/numbers. COPY AND PASTE ONLY! The wallet address must be ACCURATE. This process is irreversible, so it must be right the first time. If in doubt, research it further on YouTube or ask in one of the Soul Excursions Clubhouse rooms or in the proper chat on Discord). If you require help finding your wallet address, watch a couple of YouTube videos.

    Keep these in mind:

    • If you've opted for a payment plan, your digital asset(s) will be delivered to you when you've completed all payments. As mentioned earlier, you cannot use or rent out to anyone else digital assets that are not fully paid for as you do not own them yet. Of course, you can still accompany us on any Soul Excursions by renting a Golden Key if yours is not yet fully paid for.

    • If you've purchased more than one Globe-Trotter Golden Key, they will all be delivered to the MetaMask wallet address you provide.

    • There can be no refunds under any circumstances. Digital asset transactions are final when done and are recorded permanently to the blockchain. We cannot undo any transactions. Of course, you are free to sell your digital assets at any time to anyone for any price.

    Once you've sent us your MetaMask wallet address, move on to the next step!

    P.S. - It's wise and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you secure your digital assets by holding them in cold storage, on your own hardware device. Options include Trezor, Nano Ledger, Coldcard and more. If you're not sure what these are or how they work, YouTube university can help! Also, if you're a member of Ascension, we'll be discussing this in detail.

    Step 3 - Set Up Capture

    Create a simple system to CAPTURE names, email addresses, phone numbers and a bit of info from those whom you will be talking to about travel.

    You must set up capture in advance, before speaking to anyone. Capturing names, email address and phone numbers in one place keeps you organized and operating at your peak.

    If you're a seasoned coach or business person who already has lead capture set up, please proceed to the next step.

    If you do not already have lead capture set up, here are ideas on how to complete this step:

    • A simple Google form - Google forms are FREE and EASY TO USE. Create a new Google form (YouTube university can help with this step too) and add these fields: name, email, phone, dream destinations, and a couple of questions about what travel means to them. Keep the form short and sweet. This form can be added to a page on your website, or it can be sent to anyone you desire.

    • Mailchimp - this is an email service provider that allows you to create lead capture pages (aka optin pages). Not sure how to do this? Yes, YouTube University can help!

    • Your Website - most websites have a 'contact us' form. Use this feature to collect names, email addresses, phone numbers and a few travel questions from everyone you'll be connecting with about travel.

    Once you've set up CAPTURE, move on to the next step!


    Step 4 - Put Out 'Feelers' In Travel Conversations

    Begin talking to your audiences and communities about TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAVEL. Ask about their favorite destinations and their dream destinations. Ask what travel means to them. Almost every person has some kind of travel goal. By starting and engaging people in travel conversations, you're putting out 'feelers' to see who has unfulfilled travel dreams so you can help them fulfill them, grow into a bigger person and transform almost instantaneously!

    Here's how to frame the travel conversation:

    • "How was that cruise you and your family went on this past summer?" Use an opening question that reflects you know about them and their trips taken or travel plans coming up. Then let the conversation naturally unfold. Next ask "are you all planning to do more travel in the future?" Again let the person speak naturally about their future travel plans, if they have any. Then follow up with (when you feel the time is right and it's appropriate in the conversation) "have you ever thought about traveling to Dubai? Or Greece?" Name any of the destinations of Soul Excurions. When they say 'yes', follow up with: "Any plans to go in the near future?" If they don't have plans, proceed with: "I'm an owner in a travel club that's going to Dubai, Greece, Italy, Egypt and Zanzibar in 2023!" Pause. They may say how amazing that is, or they may ask questions.

    • Now that you've put out a feeler, and have them engaged in a conversation about travel, invite them to look at the Soul Excursions website for the trip they expressed interest in. Let them know you've partnered with Soul Excursions and you bring people on incredible trips around the world.

    • If they're intrigued and would like to know more, send them your link to CAPTURE THEIR INFO. DO NOT PROCEED WITHOUT CAPTURE!!! Ask them, "I can get you on any of the destinations we're going to. I'll shoot you a quick form. Fill it out and I'll send you all the details..." Then send them the link to your CAPTURE page.

    Once you've captured the info of someone who's intrigued about travel and Soul Excursions, move on to the next step!

    Step 5 - Set Up Professional Registration & Payment Options

    Your people pay you directly for all Soul Excursions.

    In order for your people to pay you and feel comfortable handing over several thousand dollars, be sure your payment methods and payment pages are PROFESSIONAL! They represent not only you. They also represent the Soul Excursions brand. Be mindful that we are all working together.

    Use a payment processor such as Stripe, PayPal or other professional online payment processor.

    When your people are ready to register for a trip with you, the payment page should be:

    • Clear and concise - tell them exactly what they are getting and NOT getting on the Soul Excursion(s) they are registering for. State clearly what's included and what's not included.

    • Terms & Conditions - tell them the Terms & Conditions. Feel free to copy the Soul Excursions T&C HERE. BE MINDFUL: when people pay YOU, YOU are the responsible party, NOT Soul Excursions.

    • Refund Policy - have a clear refund policy and/or cancellation policy. Do you grant refunds? If so, what timeline must be adhered to?

    • Payment Plans - do you offer payment plans, or must your attendees pay in full? State the payment options clearly so your attendees understand all options fully.

    See these pages as examples: Dubai, Mexico, Greece

    While you do NOT have to create elaborate sales pages, be sure to include enough info for your attendees to make a fully informed decision.


    Step 6 - Travel Parties

    Soul Excursions conducts Travel Parties (both virtual and in person) that give full details of about Soul Excursions, and all our global trips. These are conducted according to a schedule. You'll receive updates of all the Travel Parties in the Discord (be SURE to check in on Discord at least 3-5 times per week to stay informed).

    You will bring your people to a Travel Party which covers:

    • What Soul Excurions is - we give your guests a fun and informative overview of what Soul Excursions is, how it was created, an introduction to the Soul Excursions team and founders, including Rev. Valerie Love, who's been leading spiritual retreats for over 17 years.

    • How to Travel With Soul Excurions - these are instructions for those who are GUESTS and NOT OWNERS. Since these are your guests, and the guests of others who are owners, we teach them how to REGISTER WITH YOU! (This is why your payment pages must be set up and ready to collect money.)

    At the Travel Party we tell all guests to register for the Soul Excursion with the person who invited them to the Party. Then we help them register, if you require help.

    Step 7 - Enroll Your People!

    Soul Excursions conducts Travel Parties as an added benefit to you as an owner so that it's easier for you to register people to come on Soul Excursions with YOU. Put your people on Travel Parties with us if you desire us to explain Soul Excursions, and help them understand why we're different and why our attendees choose to travel with us.

    If you're adept at explaining everything to your own people and enrolling them yourself, skip the Travel Parties. You don't need them if people are buying direct from you with no issue.

    You can use the Travel Parties as an added resource for enrolling your people for trips.

    At the Travel Party, you will enroll your people:

    • Enroll Them - we tell your people to enroll with YOU by asking you for the registration link you've created. We make sure they understand that they pay YOU DIRECTLY AND THAT YOU WILL ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS. We direct them to the registration page you created for each excursion, which is their next step.

    • Discord - add your people to the Soul Excursions Discord HERE if you desire. Or, you can create your own Discord server exclusively for your attendees, where you will answer their questions. This is especially good if your attendees will be coming with you on multiple Soul Excursions over the years.

    • Clubhouse - invite your people to the Soul Excursions Club on Clubhouse HERE if you desire, so they can participate in travel discussions held in the club on a regular basis and learn how to best prepare themselves for their next Soul Excursion, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. You desire your people to look forward with great enthusiasm about the Soul Excursions they're taking with you! 

    Once you've attended a Travel Party with your people, or have enrolled them, move on to the next step!

    Step 8 - Follow Up

    Follow up with your people REGARDLESS of their decision to join us on a Soul Excursion or not to at this time. Follow up is KEY to SUCCESS!

    How to follow up with people who enroll:

    • Congratulations! - Congratulate your people! They've just made a big step to transform their lives! This is a BIG DEAL!

    • Assurance - assure them that they've made a wise decision, one that will transform their lives forever. Let them know they've taken a powerful step with other powerful people.

    • Next Steps - give them next steps. Do you have Zooms with your five people? Do you have emails you send to your people to prepare them for travel or give them travel secrets and tidbits?

    • Connection - keep connected with your people as they prepare for the Soul Excursion they're going on. Be sure they have airfare and accommodations taken care of. Stay connected with your attendees BEFORE, DURING and AFTER their Soul Excursion. We all desire them to travel with us OVER and OVER again! 

    How to follow up with people who do not enroll immediately:

    • Appreciation - thank your guest graciously for taking time with us at the Travel Party.

    • Permission - Ask them if they'd like you to keep in touch with them or send them pictures from our trips. If they say 'yes', then let them know you'll follow up with them every so often about how your travel is going and send them pictures. They may be inspired to join you later on a Soul Excursion.

    Rinse and repeat! Repeat these steps over and over until you have 5 amazing people who pay you to travel the world every time you embark on a Soul Excursion!


    You can register for the DONE FOR YOU service is you're not a big tech person, or you just don't have the time and energy to do all the tech set up to register your people for retreats, if you're registering others for retreats. GO HERE & KRISTEN WILL CREATE IT FOR YOU

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    Travel Party!

    Attend a Travel Party in person or online! This Travel Party is in person on Saturday, December 3, 2022 from 2 PM to 4 PM in Cleveland Ohio, USA, hosted by Soul Excursions Co-Founder Harmony (aka Taya Belle). Bring your guests and let them be exposed to the Soul Excursions team and trips!

  • Accommodations Recommendations for Our Owners

    We'll be updating this section frequently, so check back often for all upcoming Soul Excursions.

    SERENITY in Phuket, Thailand

    We're staying at Selina Phuket Thailand HERE

    40% off Black Friday Sale ends on Monday, 11/29. BOOK NOW if you desire to stay where we are staying. These rooms will sell out!

    QUANTUM LEAP in Dubai

    We're staying at Dubai Marina. Book your accommodations near the Marina.