Personal & Spiritual Development Meets Luxury Travel & Adventure Evolve, learn and grow on a jaw-dropping Soul Excursion...

Have wanderlust?

We do too... here's what we do about it.

You have wanderlust.. you LOVE traveling the world and discovering faraway lands on
adventures untold. You know fulfillment is as easy as a decision and you've decided to hurl
yourself OUT of your comfort zone and into the wild unknown...
If this is you, you're in the right place. Hop on over to the trips page and pick the adventures that are right for you.

Great News:
We're now offering an exclusive opportunity to coaches, energy healers and any transformation professionals to profit from our retreats!

Rev. Valerie Love, aka KAISI, has been leading global retreats for over 17 years. We can help you add significant revenue to your coaching business through transformational travel.

(This pic was captured in Tulum, Mexico.)


We do radical transformation through luxury travel and adventure.

Soul Excursions is first and foremost a personal and spiritual development company that uses travel as a means to rapidly accelerate learning, growth and transformation. We don't do girls getaways, or boo-cations, or party trips... we do SOUL EXCURSIONS.

(This pic was snapped at Quantum Leap Dubai 2022.)