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    Are you looking for help in planning a trip of a lifetime?

    Here’s who and how we can help:

    We can help you put together an amazing Spiritual Retreat for your tribe…

    We love retreats! We’ve been doing them for 16 years.

    If you’re a teacher of spirituality, ancient healing arts, plant medicine or any other modality, you know that retreats to highly charged destinations take your transformative work with your people to the stratosphere.


    Have a dream location in mind you’d love to take your tribe on retreat to? We can make it happen… from exploring ancient cities in Mexico to extreme shopping in China to plant medicine in Peru to the heights of Machu Picchu, we can put together a retreat you’ll LOVE and highly profit from. Your people will love it and never forget it, and so will you.


    All this without the headaches, time, energy and research of putting the whole thing together yourself. We take care of every aspect of running an amazingly successful retreat so you’re free to focus on what’s most important: TRANSFORMATION FOR YOUR TRIBE.


    Book a call below and we’ll connect on how we can bring your vision to life.


    (This pic was snapped at the “Ayahuasca” Retreat in Peru.)

    We can help you put together an amazing Family Reunion…

    We love family!

    Don’t take your family to the same, boring, worn out parks or cruises. Spice it up! Go abroad! Go where you’ve never gone before!


    Wisk your family off to a safari in the Mother Land, or to see Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) from an igloo, or elephant watching, or sunning in the Greek isles!


    ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Make the trip accessible to everyone in the family by planning in advance. Your family, from the kiddos to the seniors will experiene an adventure you all will treasure forever!


    Book a call below and we’ll connect on how we can wow your family.


    (This pic was snapped at the “Punani Power” Retreat in Crystal City, VA, USA.)

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