• Now this is a dream come true! Imagine yourself in the tranquil waters of James Bond bay on a long tail boat, floating in deep blue waters or climbing to the Big Buddha Phuket or petting the elephants at the sanctuary, all while eating amazing Thai cuisine with people you love!


    "Serenity" Thailand!

    Phuket, Thailand

    Saturday - Friday

    March 11, 2023 to March 17, 2023

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    Welcome to


    Soul Excursions is off on an adventure of a LIFETIME in Thailand! The week before we head to Dubai, we're stopping in Thailand to take in wonders untold and cuisine beyond what we can imagine. Welcome to the SERENITY experience in Phuket, Thailand, where you unplug from tech, connect with nature, release fears, resistance, hesitation, inhibitions and shrinking to peel back the layers to your centered, peaceful, tranquil and SERENE SELF... the True Self, the Blissful Self. Welcome to


  • Our Activities in Thailand

    Here's what we'll be up to for 6 glorious days:

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    (This gorgeous pic was snapped at "Your Book in 5 Days Bali Retreat")

    All White Welcome Reception in Phuket, Thailand

    Saturday, March 11, 2023 at 7 PM

    On Saturday, March 11, 2023 at 7 PM we'll meet for our ALL WHITE WELCOME RECEPTION in

    Phuket, Thailand!

    This is where we meet and greet each other, set intentions for the week, review our agenda of activities (with pick up times and locations) and engage in our first session for your SERENTIY in Phuket, Thailand!

    The ALL WHITE WELCOME RECEPTION is your welcome and orientation to an amazing 6 days in Phuket, Thailand. We start with a meditation and end with hugs! The best part of Soul Excursions is YOU!

    After our all-white welcome reception, connect with new friends over dinner.

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    The Great Buddha of Phuket

    Sunday, March 12, 2023 @10 AM

    We start off Monday morning with our spiritual practices of prayer, meditation and praise and head off to the amazing BIG BUDDHA of Phuket! The official name of the Great Buddha is Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Eknakiri which means "the Cherished Auspicious Lord Buddha atop Nāga Hill". The name is a blend of native Thai, Sanskrit, and Pali words – the first element Phra Phutta (Sanskrit varabuddha) means "Lord Buddha"; the second element Ming Mongkol means "cherished and auspicious"; the third element Eknakagiri (from Sanskrit/Pali ekanāgagiri) means "atop Naga Hill".

    Your registration includes our visit to this most sacred and venerated Buddha.

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    Feast on Luscious Thai Cuisine!

    The freshness of Thai food and the flavor profiles explode in ecstacy with each bite! Now you get to feast on Thai cuisine, expand your consciousness by taking in the culture, and not spend a lot of money doing it.

    Thai cuisine has something for everyone... vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and meat lovers!


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    Ethical Elephant Sanctuary

    Tuesday, March 14, 2023

    (You'll receive the exact pickup time for our group tour at the

    ALL WHITE WELCOME RECEPTION on Sunday evening in Phuket, Thailand.)

    Mud, water and elephants! The ethical elephant sanctuary we'll be visiting is home to the gentle giants of Thailand. Elephant numbers in Thailand are diminishing, as they are around the world, due to habitat shrinkage and other factors. Ethical elephant sanctuaries see to the care and nurturing of these wise companions. We'll be splashing with the elephants so bring your swimsuit and get ready to be muddy!

    Your registration includes our group excursion to the Elephant Sanctuary.

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    Boat Ride to James Bond Island for Our V.I.P.'s!

    Thursday, March 16 @9 AM

    We leave early in the day for a beautiful ride to James Bond Island (made famous by the James Bond movie "The Man With the Golden Gun") Now this is a world famous, gorgeous and exotic spot that we'll be visiting with owners of the Soul Excursions VIP NFT.

    Be prepared for an amazing day on the water!

    This tour is exclusively for our V.I.P. Golden Key owners (or those who choose to rent the Golden Key by choosing it on the check-out page). If you're not sure what that means, book a call with one of our Travel Navigators HERE.
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    Closing Ceremony!

    Friday, March 17, 2023 @10 AM

    After a glorious 6 days in Phuket, Thailand, we bid each other farewell for now, unless of course you're continuing on the Soul Excursion with us to Dubai! Quantum Leap Dubai starts on Sunday, March 19th @7 PM so you have time to hop a plane on Friday or Saturday to Dubai from Phuket, Thailand and be ready for our all white welcome reception on Sunday evening in Dubai!

    This is our final session together at Serenity Thailand, until our next Soul Excursion...

  • The Juicy Details For Phuket, Thailand!

    Here are the particulars for this excursion:


    Accommodations are not included in your registration. We recommend AirBnB and/or Hotels.com or any other booking website you use to book accommodations on your own. When you register, you'll receive an email that gives you details of the recommended accommodations for Phuket, Thailand. Of course, you're free to book your accommodations anywhere you desire in Phuket.

    If you're a solo traveler and would like a roommate, notify us by email after you register and we'll give you next steps to securing a roommate.

    Arrival & Departure

    ARRIVE ON OR BEFORE SATURDAY, MARCH 11, 2023 AT 4 PM to check into your accommodations and be EARLY to the ALL WHITE WELCOME RECEPTION that evening at 7 PM in Phuket, Thailand.

    It is critically important that you arrive at the ALL WHITE WELCOME RECEPTION early (by 6:45 PM). We start PROMPTLY at 7 PM. You'll receive all pertinent details for our 6 days together at this orientation and welcome to Thailand. DEPART AFTER 3 PM ON FRIDAY, MARCH 17 from PHUKET, THAILAND to allow time to travel to the airport and to clear customs.

    Be prepared for a glorious 6 days with the family!


    Your registration for this excursion includes these activities:

    • Visit to the Great Buddha of Phuket, this most sacred site of the giant Buddha overlooking Phuket.

    • Tour to the Ethical Elephant Sancturay, where you get to be muddy, wet and in love with gentle giants.

    • Spiritual Practice with KAISI, Rev. Valerie Love will be leading us deep within with spiritual practices that soar the soul and open infinite possibilities. Though we won't be having classes in this glorious destination (we have so much to see and do), you can ALWAYS count on spiritual practices at our Soul Excursions.

    Once you're registered, you'll receive guidelines on what to bring to Thailand.

    What to Bring & Wear

    Comfy clothes, swimsuits, comfy shoes, hats and items to shade yourself from the sun.

    And of course, WALKING SHOES for Phuket! If you desire to climb to the Great Buddha, it's a 5.8 mile hike. Be prepared. Start exercising and doing your yoga now if you're not already doing it!

    It will be HOT and SUNNY!

    Remember your sunshades, large hats, sunscreen and/or whatever keeps you comfy and cool in HOT WEATHER.

    Always keep yourself hydrated, restored breathing deep as you take on the climb to the Great Buddha (should you choose to climb). If you're not climbing, you'll be riding.

    Official Schedule

    Note: this schedule is tentative and may shift due to vendors, pick up times, travel requirements, traffic and more. Your flexibility is always appreciated while we bring you the absolute BEST travel experience!

    BTW, this is one reason we LOVE travel as a tool of transformation. There's an unpredictable quality to travel that is out of the control of even the best minds. Stay relaxed. Expect miracles. Trust the process and have fun!

    Here's an overview of the schedule for SERENITY in Phuket, Thailand in March of 2023:

    • Saturday, March 11th @7 PM: ALL WHITE WELCOME RECEPTION. It's critically important that you be early for this opening event as you'll receive all the particulars, including pick up times and locations for the week's events. This is your orientation to SERENITY Thailand, your opportunity to meet new friends and hug existing friends, set your intention for the next 6 days and have a glorious first evening of SERENITY Thailand!

    • Sunday, March 12 @9 AM: Visit to the Great Buddha of Phuket.

    • Monday, March 13: Spend the day on your own, sleep in or hang out with friends and see more sights in Phuket, Thailand and enjoy the incredible FOOD!

    • Tuesday, March 14: Visit the elephants!

    • Wednesday, March 15: On your own to discover the Phuket, Thailand and the people, customs, food and sights!

    • Thursday, March 16: Boat ride to James Bond Island for our V.I.P.'s ONLY. (See below for more info.)

    • Friday, March 17 @10 AM:  Our closing ceremony before we check out of our accommodations in Phuket, Thailand and bring SERENITY to a glorious close!

    Spiritual sessions with KAISI & Friends are offered on our excursions for your enrichment and are included in your registration. Your registration includes all spiritual sessions, so take advantage of the offerings!

    FYI, there is no difference in registration fees based on whether spiritual sessions and/or enrichment classes are attended or not. They're built in to the pricing for our excursions and are there for your enrichment.

  • Remember, for questions or help booking or planning your trip, talk to one of our friendly Travel Navigators:

  • Registration

    Your registration includes:

    Spiritual Sessions & Activities Listed Above

    Registration does not include:

    Accommodations, meals, airfare, transfers to and from the airport, shopping and miscellaneous expenses.

    To attend this life transforming event, the use of a GLOBE-TROTTER GOLDEN KEY is required. Don't worry, if you don't own a Golden Key, you can rent one. Remember, the Golden Key is reusuable! Buying a Golden Key allows you to use it over and over (with no limit) at future Soul Excursions. The Globe-Trotter Golden Key is your lifetime pass to all retreats. Your one time purchase of the Globe-Trotter Golden Key allows you to use it for all the Soul Excursions in 2023 and beyond, including:

    Dubai, Greece, Italy, Egypt and Zanzibar

    (Each of the above retreats is an investment of $5,500 if purchased separately.)


    This is a $27,500 VALUE for only $9,500

    (This price expires on Saturday, December 31 @11:45 PM ET.)

    If you don't own the Golden Key, or do not desire to own it, feel free to rent a Globe-Trotter Golden Key for ONE TIME USE below.



    January 1, 2023 @11:45 PM ET

    Not sure about which option is right for you? Book a call to speak with one of our Travel Navigators HERE and they'll help you out!

    *Once you're registered, you'll receive a detailed travel email with all you need to know and pack for your Soul Excursion to the "Serenity" Retreat in Phuket, Thailand!

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    Registration includes the classes, activities and events listed above.


    *$27,500 VALUE*

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    Registration includes the sessions, activities and events listed above.



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    Registration includes the sessions, activities and events listed above.


  • Thank you for trusting us with your Soul Excursion!

    We're super happy to serve you.

    Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions.

    We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance as Soul Excursions does not offer refunds or credits for missed travel due to any reason.

    We'll see you in Phuket, Thailand!