If you're not getting views, engagement, more raving community members than you can handle and at LEAST 5 figures in monthly income and don't know why, this event is for YOU...

Social Media Bootcamp & Content Party in Zanzibar!

September 26, 2023 - October 2, 2023


HARMONY (aka Taya Belle)

Harmony has built multiple social media audiences to thousands of followers in different genres and niches including:

  • Travel Influencing
  • Keto Queens

Her ability to grow audiences QUICKLY on Facebook will be transferred to you in your SOCIAL SUPERNOVA ACTION PLAN that will be CREATED and IMPLEMENTED while you're in Zanzibar.

As a former beauty queen, model and actress, Harmony will coach you on taking those 'money shot' photos that stop the scroll!

(This pic was snapped at Quantum Leap Dubai.)


KAISI (aka Rev. Valerie Love

Rev. Valerie Love has built audiences on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook in different niches including:

Magick, Money & Metaphysics

  • YouTube: 50k+
  • Facebook: 6k+
  • Instagram: 4k+

Christian Witches

  • Facebook: 10k+
  • Instagram: 5k+
  • TikTok: 4k+
  • YouTube: 2k+

Having created several viral videos causing her message to spread quickly, KAISI is qualified to teach you how to get your message to millions as she has.

(This pic was snapped at Quantum Leap Dubai.)

  • All White Welcome Reception & Day 1 of Social Media Bootcamp

    Check in to the resort on Monday by 4 PM, relax, have dinner with friends and prepare yourself for an incredible 8 days and 7 nights in Zanzibar!

    We start our training on Tuesday, September 26 @9 AM with an All White Welcome Reception!

    We're first and foremost a spiritual community, so we begin with meditation and intention setting for this full day of workshops on HOW SOCIAL MEDIA WORKS and HOW YOU DESIRE TO SHOW UP.

    Your registration includes this full day Social Media Bootcamp on Tuesday.

  • Content Party: On Day 2 You Take Pics & Vids!

    After Day 1 of Social Media Bootcamp, you're ready to film! It's LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION for your content party.

    You'll be creating jaw-dropping content (pics, vids and more!) in one of the most drool-worthy destinations on planet EARTH. You're immediately taking action in what you learned in Day 1 of Social Media Bootcamp to create CONTENT that PAYS YOU.

    Note: while at the resort and at gorgeous spots around Zanzibar, you'll create and post content that stops the scroll and positions you to be PAID.

  • Day 2 of Soicial Media Bootcamp at the Resort

    Now that you've got Day 1 Bootcamp under your belt and you've gone out to create amazing content, it's time to GET PAID!!!

    Day 2 of the Social Media Bootcamp is all about how to MONETIZE your social and position yourself for high fees from clients and your audience, and/or how to work with brands for influencer deals, along with the best platforms for securing brand deals. We'll also cover UGC content and how it's all the rage in creating ongoing income (brands pay you monthly)!

    Note: You'll set up your accounts and TAKE ACTION for getting PAID online in Day 2 of the Bootcamp...


You'll also receive the insider info on:

  • How to Create Brand Identity & Mood Board (that are emotional)
  • How to Create Winning Press Kits/Media Kits & Rate Cards (and what goes in them)
  • How to Get Invites & Get Booked for Podcasts, YouTube Collaborations and Speaking Engagements
  • The 7 Emotional Touchpoints of an Irresistible Brand
  • 1,000 True Fans who PAY YOU

And more... all designed for you to SUPERNOVA YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA.

When You Travel With Us

You have a COMMUNITY of like-minded soul ascenders, a seasoned SHERPA who's already gone where you're going and TRAINING on activating your GOD POWERS.


Your registration includes:

Social Media Bootcamp & Content Party, Coaching, Training & Implementation on Your New SOCIAL MEDIA SUPERNOVA ACTION PLAN + 50+ Photos & Videos for Your Social Media Including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest

Registration does not include:

Accommodations, meals, airfare, transfers to and from the airport, shopping and miscellaneous expenses.

Have questions about this Soul Excursion? Scroll down to book a call to speak with a Travel Navigator and they'll provide you with white glove service.

Once you're registered, you'll receive an email with important instructions for your Soul Excursion to the "SOCIAL SUPERNOVA" Event in Zanzibar.


The Juicy Details For Zanzibar

Here are the particulars for this excursion:

  • Accommodations

    Accommodations are not included in your registration. Whether you're looking for a 5-Star experience, or an inexpensive stay, you'll find what you're looking for with our recommendations.

    When you register, you'll receive an email that gives you details of the recommended accommodations for Zanzibar.

    Of course, you're free to book accommodations anywhere you desire. If you're a solo traveler and would like a roommate, notify us by email after you register and we'll give you next steps to secure a roommate.

  • Arrival & Departure

    ARRIVE ON OR BEFORE MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2023 AT 4 PM to check into your accommodations. The ALL WHITE WELCOME RECEPTION is on Tuesday morning at 9 AM.

    It is critically important that you arrive at the ALL WHITE WELCOME RECEPTION early (by 8:45 AM). We start PROMPTLY at 9 AM. You'll receive all pertinent details for our days together at this orientation and welcome to Zanzibar.

    DEPART AFTER 5 PM ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2023 to allow time to travel to the airport and to clear customs.

  • Activites

    Your registration for this excursion includes these activities:

    • Social Media Bootcamp: An Intensive 2-Day Induction, your social media blow-up is nigh. If you haven't been able to capture attention yet, you'll know the secrets after this event.
    • Content Party, coaching, training, and best practices for scroll-stopping social media content.
    • SOCIAL SUPERNOVAL ACTION PLAN, which is the best part! Your ACTION STEPS implemented while at the event and far beyond.
  • What to Bring & Wear

    Gorgeous clothes, accessories and brand related gear! Whatever you stand for, teach and present online will be front and center in how you PRESENT YOURSELF.

    It will be HOT and SUNNY! Remember your sunshades, large hats, sunscreen and/or whatever keeps you comfy and cool in HOT WEATHER.

    Always keep yourself hydrated and breathing deep as you take on walking and movement.

    Of course, bring your computer, tablets, cameras, grimoire, journal and/or notebooks for our Social Media Bootcamp & Content Party.

  • Remember, for questions or help booking or planning your trip, talk to one of our friendly Travel Navigators:


    Registration includes the sessions, activities and events listed above plus the Soul Excursions community of like-minded consciousness ascenders.

    Are you ready to activate your GOD POWERS and be who you came here to be?


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    Registration for Globe-Trotter NFT Owners includes all sessions, activities and events listed above.



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