Meet the Lesters

Kristen & PJ Lester are two of our FAVE traveling nomad vegans, here pictured atop their camel in the Dubai desert at Quantum Leap Dubai 2022. They're serial travelers who've been to 9 countries so far and are headed for Greece in December of 2022!

"Kristen and PJ are a couple globe-trotting while helping others shatter the obstacles that keep them on the couch instead of a plane. Ever since they learned how to make money and travel the world, they have set out to help others do the same!"


The Lesters are Travel Navigators with Soul Excursions. Book a call with them to see how you can be paid to travel the globe!


Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI) has been leading retreats for over 17 years. Since June, 2005 when she conducted her first weekend retreat, she's been obsessed with transformational travel for herself and her clients.

She leads retreats to spiritually charged hot spots like Bali, Dubai, Peru, Mexico's Ancient Cities, Sedona, Salem, New Orleans and more.

In the summer of 2022, Spirit took KAISI on a jaunt across 5 countries and 11 destinations, including Egypt (where she stayed for almost a month) visiting Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. Next she hopped over to Greece and visited Athens, Paros and Antiparos, including cruising to other Greek islands. Then she hopped over to Italy to visit Rome, Venice and Florence, and then on to Lisbon Portugal.

Rev. Val is a creative nomad with a home base in Mexico and is the cofounder of Soul Excursions

(pictured here with a falcon on her head on the Desert Excursion at Quantum Leap Dubai 2022).

Meet Harmony

Harmony is a global traveler who once hit up 5 countries in 10 days! She is the co-founder of Soul Excursions and the creative mind behind the images and videos on both the Soul Excursions V.I.P. NFT project and the Soul Excursions Globe-Trotter NFT project.

As a travel content creator, model and travel afficianado who organizes trips, cruises, yacht rides, tours and more for large groups and for Soul Excursions.

Harmony is pictured here on the yacht excursion she arranged for our beloved V.I.P.'s at Quantum Leap Dubai 2022.