Every being and every thing is DIVINE. Whether we're checking in or out of a luxury resort, or boarding a plane, or hopping in an Uber, or dining in a glorious Insta worthy restaurant, we acknowledge, remember, honor and conduct ourselves according to a simple principle: DIVINITY. The divine is all, in all, through all and expresses as ALL. All is DIVINE.

(This pic was snapped in a cenote at the "Ancient Cities on the Spring Equinox" Retreat in Mexico.)


Align with your SOUL and you'll be just fine. When you're aligned with the SOUL, you know what to do, when to do it, and whom to do it with. You know what's for you and what isn't. You're in tune with your intuition and can sense the RESONANCE of Spirit in each moment. This alignment is an erring guiding power that will bring you to your most magnificent manifestations and outcomes with the perfect people. Follow your heart, soul and spirit and you'll never be lost, no matter how far from home you find yourself!

(This pic was snapped at the "Quantum Leap" Retreat in Dubai, UAE.)


We are a FAMILY. This is a global community of soul ascenders who travel the globe spreading love, light and truth. We love each other. Like every family, we get on each other's nerves lol. Yes, you may get triggered, and yes, you may have your feelings hurt, yet these are all par for the course on the road to SELF-MASTERY. LOVE is the answer, no matter what the question. This community is the soil for you to unfold into a full realized being.

(This pic was snapped at the "CCW Mystery School" in Salem, Mass, USA.)


Life is a grand ADVENTURE.

We embrace a sense of wonder and adventure. This means letting go of control, fixed agendas and how we think things should be. We embrace the possibilities and are open for adventure. While all our excursions have an intention and agenda, it is not so fixed that we do not allow breathing room for the spontaneous. Be open to adventures you've never experienced...

(This pic was snapped at the "Your Book in 5 Days" Retreat in Bali, Indonesia.)


We vibe with FLOW, GRACE and EASE. Struggle, hard-making and suffering are optional. We do not exercise those options. Instead, we've set a powerful intention for PEACE, FLOW, EASE and DIVINE GRACE. Your travel excursions may not always be easy (if fact, most of them are not), yet they can be peace-filled and infused with joy. Trees withstand years of onslaught from weather and other forces. The branches that bend in the wind don't break. They maintain grace even in storms. FLOW like a river and maintain your GRACE.

(This pic was snapped at Chichen Itza - one of the 7 wonders of the world - at the "Ancient Cities on the Spring Equinox" Retreat in Mexico.)


We love this beautiful planet. Earth Mother is our home. We travel and live sustainably and responsibly. As visitors to nature's most pristine locations around the globe, we make sure the finned, furry and feathered friends are not harmed in any way in how we conduct ourselves. We're kind to Earth Mother, and she rewards us with beauty. We love Earth Mother and ALL her children.

(This pic was snapped in a cenote at the "Ancient Cities on the Spring Equinox" Retreat in Mexico.)


The intention here is for ENRICHMENT (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and finanically) and TRANSFORMATION. Every excursion we conduct has an underlying and guiding intention: ENRICHMENT and TRANSFORMATION. When you travel with Soul Excursions, you cam expect enrichment and transformation experiences that leave you FOREVER CHANGED. On every excursion, you have the option to attend enrichment classes and experiences that are designed specifically for core level transformation. Return home a different person.

(This pic was snapped at the "Ayahuasca" Retreat in Peru.)


Nothing works unless you do.All our events, adventures and retreats empower and require you to take INSPIREDACTION... which is a challenging thing to do because our minds love to keep us right where we are. Taking ACTION is like hurling yourself off the proverbial cliff: super scary AND super exhilarating! You won't gain your ultimate transformation unless and until youTAKE ACTION. Take the next step. Reach out to us for a call. Book a call and see where the adventure takes you...

(This pic was snapped at the "Epic Manifestation" Retreat in Sedona, AZ, USA.)