• Details of the New Soul Excursions VIP NFT!

    Introducing the Soul Excursions VIP NFT!

    Here are important details:


    The Soul Excursions VIP NFT is a collection of 222 unique images of countries all over the world. Visit faraway destinations with us!

    Where to Buy

    The Soul Excursions VIP NFT is sold on the Opensea marketplace and is purchased with Ethereum on the Polygon network.

    7 Exclusive Benefits of the VIP NFT

    The Soul Excursions VIP NFT has the following 7 benefits:

    1. VIP experiences before, during and after our programmed Soul Excursions (VIP experiences are exclusively for holders of the NFT and can include yacht rides, special tours, spa visits and other adventures).

    2. VIP Parties! Our VIP NFT holders will attend parties in gorgeous locales. These VIP parties are exclusively for VIP NFT holders.

    3. Exclusive dining opportunities with the founders and teachers on our Soul Excursions.​

    4. Virtual Events. Exclusive Zoom events for NFT holders that teach what our holders most want to learn from guest teachers who have accomplished these goals.

    5. VIP gift at all Soul Excursions.

    6. First access to register for all Soul Excursions (before the general public is notified) so that our NFT holders can secure their space first in the event the excursion sells out.

    7. Airdrop of the Soul Excursions GLOBETROTTER NFT when it drops! This is huge! The Globetrotter NFT will launch with an initial price of $5,500+. We're GIVING this NFT as an airdrop for every purchased VIP NFT. (This offer does not apply to VIP NFT's that are gifted. Only the purchased VIP NFT's are eligible for the airdrop fo the Globetrotter NFT). THIS OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 30, 2022.

    Note: the Globetrotter NFT will not be airdropped to those who were gifted the Soul Excursions VIP NFT.

    The Soul Excursions Globetrotter NFT Launches in Mexico!

    Soul Excursions will launch a GLOBETROTTER NFT in late 2022 which will be a collection of 222 unique photo images of droolworthy destinations around the globe.

    The collection will launch in late 2022 and represents a revolutionary way to travel. Registration for ALL Soul Excursions from Dubai Quantum Leap 2023 onward will be done by NFT only.

    Yes, in order to register for ANY Soul Excursion, you must own a Soul Excursions GLOBETROTTER NFT.

    Think of it this way: the VIP NFT gives you exclusive benefits, while the GLOBETROTTER NFT gets you on the trips with us. You're purchasing 2 keys that unlock different sets of benefits.

    You require the GLOBETROTTER NFT to register for the events. You require the VIP NFT to participate in VIP experiences on the trips.

    Imagine the opportunity this presents for members of our community when both the VIP NFT collection and the Globetrotter NFT collection sell out.

    This means that anyone who wishes to register for any of our events must either buy an NFT or 'rent' an NFT from one of the holders in order to attend.

    NFT's present a unique opportunity for you to participate in the growth and rewards of Soul Excursions.

    When you buy a Soul Excursions NFT, you're a partner in our success. THIS IS A COMMUNITY ENDEAVOR!

    Rent Out Your NFT's, Sell Them or Hold

    Both the Soul Excursions VIP NFT and the Soul Excursions Globetrotter NFT are valuable for their utility.

    As an NFT holder, you own an asset that can be sold or 'leased' for income.

    Here's an example:

    Let's say you hold 3 VIP NFT's, 1 that you received as a gift and 2 that you purchased. You have 3 keys that unlock exclusive benefits.

    When the Globetrotter NFT drops, you'll receive 2 of these NFT's (one for each VIP NFT you purchased).

    Now, let's say someone desires to go on a retreat with us, and doesn't have the Globetrotter NFT, which is required in order to register.

    If all the Globetrotter NFT's are sold out, the person who'd like to register will either have to go to the Opensea marketplace and purchase an NFT from a current holder (at whatever price the current owner chooses to sell it for), or lease a Globetrotter NFT to register and go on the Soul Excursion.

    You have the opportunity to either sell your Globetrotter NFT to someone who needs it to register or you could choose to make an agreement with a person who'd like to come on a Soul Excursion with us and 'lease' your NFT to them for an agreed price between the two of you.

    Soul Excursions is a travel company that has grown out of Rev. Valerie Love's retreat hosting experience since 2005.

    Travel is a mighty teacher and a catalyst for rapid transformation and growth. Our global retreats and events have hosted well over 222 people.