• Dubai Special!

    Since you're with us in Dubai, and we reward TAKING ACTION (the only real driver of change in your life once you've shifted your consciousness and made a DECISION), you're receiving a SPECIAL OFFER!!! WOOHOO! Look at you being magnificent!


    Here's the offer:

    You receive $500 OFF the regular registration for Mexico


    A reserved space as an author in our community's book that will be lauched at the New Year's Eve celebration and party in Mexico (including the classes on how to create passive income from the book)


    If you're in Ascension or Initiation, you receive ANOTHER $500 off of regular registration


    Here's the difference:

    Regular Registration for this event is $5,500 for singles and $8,500 for couples.


    Regular registration does not include a place in the book, which is an additional investment of $500.


    If you were to register for the retreat and be an author in the book, the investment would be $6,000 for singles and $9,000 for couples.


    Instead, you'll receive the RETREAT AND BE AN AUTHOR IN THE BOOK for $5,000 for singles and $8,000 for couples.


    If you're in Ascension or Initiation, your registration for the retreat INCLUDING being an author in the book is $4,500 for singles and $7,500 for couples.


    If you're taking us up on this time sensitive offer, your full payment or a deposit of $500 per person must be submitted by 5/5.


  • Ascension & Initiation

    If you're a current member of the Mystery School in either Ascension or Initiation, you have special pricing of $500 off!

    If you are currently in Ascension or Initiation, register below.

    If you're not yet a member of Ascension, join HERE to take advantage of this huge savings.