• Share in the Profits of Soul Excursions...



    Web3 is here and NFT'S are a game-changer, enabling you to participate in the growth of brands you love and to share in the profits. This webinar shows you how you can own a slice of Soul Excursions as an NFT holder and receive exclusive VIP benefits (that others won't have access to once this collection is sold out).


    Don't be left behind on the greatest transfer of wealth this planet has ever witnessed. The Soul Excursions NFT projects are a profitable way to travel the world.




  • The Soul Excursions Globe Trotter NFT:

    Never pay retreat registration fees again, be paid to travel the world, and even be paid when you're NOT traveling... all made possible with the Soul Excursions Globe Trotter & VIP NFT Collections!

    Book a call:

    Book a call to speak with a travel navigator about your specific situation and travel desires and requirements. We take your specific situation as a trust, so that we can deliver to you a dream trip of a lifetime! After you've watched the above training, book a call to have your questions answered and even set up a personalized payment plan if desired.

    Bitcoin payments:

    All NFT's are paid for in Bitcoin. We'll talk more about this in our conversation when you book a call. We'll teach you exactly how to acquire Bitcoin for this transaction (if you don't already have it) and how to send your Bitcoin payment to us. We'll walk you through the entire process, so you breathe easy!


    In the video above, we mention that accommodations are not included. We've now expanded to include accommodations, which makes it easier for our attendees! As a member, you won't pay a retreat registration fee; you'll just book the accommodations and excursions package for each retreat. Not included are airfare, transfers, shopping, meals, gratuities and miscellaneous expenses.